Dead Broke Saddle Club is a non-profit club that promotes and sponsors equestrian activities for youth. We also give back to our community by supporting local organizations.

We host some great events including the MN High School Rodeo Finals, Dead Broke Youth Show, Dead Broke Summer Barrel Series and more.

Dead Broke Saddle Club was founded in 1992 by a few ambitious people that wanted to better the horse community. Though it has grown over the years, we are always working to satisfy our mission statement.
The Birth of Dead  Broke Saddle Club

A unique group of people, speaheaded by Dan Ramberg, got an idea to incorporate charitable gambling into a saddle club. Their idea was to "make money and distribute it." Horses are not a money making hobby. The club wanted to help out the horse community to make it more affordable for kids.

After being rejected by other saddle clubs, they were disappointed but not discouraged. Other clubs didn't want gambling in a family club. Sitting around Dan's kitchen table, some Silver Spur members decided to take the reins and do it themselves.

First item on the agenda was to pick a name. Bill Ramberg and Eric Wesman came up with a few suggestions, and obviously chose Dead Broke Saddle Club. Why? Because 'dead broke' is the best compliment you can give a horse. People outside the horse community do not know what the term dead broke means. You could see the puzzled look on their faces when they read it on a form, or as you could imagine... a check. Dead Broke soon outgrew teh Ramberg's kitchen table. To accomodate all of the members, they began having meetings in teh back room of the Blacksmith. Many members, for one reason or another, have come and gone but the club still goes strong. With the money made from gambling, Dead Broke has been able to strongly support and promote the horse industry. Riding horses is a piece of history and Dead Broke wants to preserve it. It is the grass roots of the club. Dead Broke has given to other saddle clubs for their youth shows, 4H clubs, judging teams, FFA, and many others.

Dead Broke has fulfilled all expectationsand original ideas of that small group and more. The club has grown into a large club with newmemberscoming in with their own fresh ideas. The ideas are endlessand the rewards are satisfying.

~Ingrid Larson
To promote and sponsor the equestrian activities for youth; for the physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged; and in service of our community.
Donating and giving back is what we are all about. Since 1992, we have given back over $1.7 million...
Let me say that again, $1,730,409!! That is money we have put back into the community and horse industry. Below is a comprehensive list of recipients as of 2017.
We currently operate our non-profit gambling at two sites:

The Blacksmith Lounge ~ Hugo, MN

Lucy's Burgers ~ White Bear Lake, MN

Thanks to these sites, and many others over the years, we are able to give back!

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